Personal Shopping Tour

Designed for those who want to purchase and adapt a consumer technology item for their business. We will meet at a major shopping centre chosen by agreement and which has at least two shops selling the item of interest. We will discuss the item with sales staff and view a number of alternatives. You will be given a list of relevant questions to ask and we will discuss these points with the sales staff in at least two shops. We will explain in simple terms what you need to know to pick between the choices and empower you to make an informed choice.

Cost $100 for a standard tour. 

Extended tours with mentoring followup, multiple locations or multiple products availble by negotation.

A Skype or phone shopping assistance service is also available by arrangement or we can source, select and send a product to you at additional cost.

Personalised programs

Feel that you need someone to look at the big picture? Not happy that your technology solutions are working well together? This option is for those who want a hand with planning and using technology throughout your home, family or business, so everything works together. We can design a customised training program online or face to face to help you take control. Price by negotiation. As a guide, one session face to face will cost $120 with a discount for online sessions. Discounts apply for seniors. You can arrange as many or as few sessions as you want.


 We are planning an event on the Sunshine Coast in July 2018.  Next event in Nambour ,  3 July. See

Please pop back later for details of more  planned events in your area.