Rainbow tech accessories
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the rainbow array of technology products and accessories you are offerred? I’ve been trying to find you for ages so I can help you make sense of it all. But because you don’t hang out much online, I just didn’t know how.

I credit my roomful of mentors in my Podpora group for helping me to find this target market. I was quite stuck and they suggested volunteering to give some talks to connect. I’m now teaching a course at University of The Third Age and meeting wonderful people who are teaching me so much. Connecting with my class has cleared my mental blocks and shown me the gaps in my preparation so expect new tailored products and services soon. Plus the class is fun and in a lovely location – Sippy Downs. A kangaroo watched part of my first session yesterday.

So thanks to my class and to my Pod! Exciting possibilities are opening up.

office and studio

Show Pony office and studio

When I worked in Queensland Transport, I used to walk home from the bus along Park Avenue at Clayfield. There was a lovely pony grazing beside the creek but after the Hendra virus scare he disappeared and I feared something bad had happened. Anyway I grew up and started a business. Recently Hannah from Show Pony was showing me around a gorgeous meeting venue at Clayfield and told me she was friends with the Kalinga pony’s owner and he’s well and just moved out to the country.

Why was I looking at a venue? Because I have joined the Podpora Network and want to establish Pods in inner northern Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Podpora is a new concept in business support, where a small group of business owners meet regularly to have fun, celebrate success, brainstorm and learn. I strongly believe in the concept. It has helped me to see past blockages and led me to clarity and new ways of connecting with my target audience. I’ve seen it make a huge difference to fellow members too. For example, one person gained the confidence to start teaching the workshops she had long dreamed of conducting.

This is a fable about fear of the unknown. One apon a time a little girl and her Mum went swimming at Bulcock Beach. The girl didn’t like the still water much, she liked riding the waves and she thought there were stonefish in the Passage which would spike her if she walked on one and manta rays that could sting. But it was a very hot day and Kings Beach was a long way away. She swam for a while and then the current started to stir up sand. She couldn’t see where she was putting her feet. Then it happened. She walked on something slippery and slimy that was probably a fish! Remembering the stone fish and the manta ray she asked her mother to watch for it while she walked out of the water. It can’t have been a stone fish because it didn’t spike her and she lived to swim another day – at Kings Beach 🙂 The girl grew up, studied and lived in Brisbane but never lost her love of the Coast. Once she was old enough to understand, she realised that she was so worried about the fish because she didn’t know what it was and there were bad things it could have been. She wasn’t scared of fish when she could see them. She had kept and hand fed pet fish for many years. Maybe we are all worried when we face the unknown. This is a true story – how do I know? Because I was the little girl. I always spent holidays at Caloundra with my parents and for some reason Dad had had to go back to Brisbane that day. I recently had 20 minutes to spend in Caloundra and paid a very quick visit to Bulcock Beach. Would I have gone swimming if I had time? Probably! But I would watch out 🙂 2015-03-12 16.10.11


This is an excellent read for anyone who is in business, thinking of going into business or in a sales role. Highly recommended.

This is a modern day fable about networking and developing your business. Oscar is a wise ancient soul who has been granted immunity from aging in return for devoting himself to mentoring others and who may or may not be real.

Tyler is a struggling sales rep who wants to go into a network marketing business. What happens when the two get together contains lessons for us all.
Its packed with important lessons on networking. Some of the key ones for me :

1) Networking is like gardening, not like hunting. Do it in service of others, not to sell. Sales will follow when you develop the right connections. Help others connect.
2) Look for introductions. Work out your golden egg (ideal client), goose (where they hang out) , granny goose ( association or group where your geese belong)
3) Look for opportunities to make an event better. Help those who are struggling or alone
4) Make notes and follow up on meetings. Thank people with a card.

This book is definitely worth a read..and if you do, I would love to know what you think and what you found most helpful.

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