Horse learning iPad We welcome our first new Lighthousekeeper, Davina O’Brien Herbert.
Davina is a systems account who loves all things Apple and as well is running her own businesses Walking Tall and Pet Energy Therapy. She will be co-facilitator of many of our technology workshops, online and face to face.

Lighthousekeepers must abide by our code of conduct and meet strict selection criteria. They are generally independent contractors who join with us to achieve a particular aim or work in a particular geographic area.

Fun with technology Playshop with Walking Tall. 8 Feb, online.

Array of laptops on sale

Fun with technology!

Do you associate technology with fun and joy? Or do you howl with frustration whenever you think of going anywhere near a computer, tablet, smart phone etc?

Are you overwhelmed and drowning in the tidal wave of technology involved in everyday life?

Would you like to go back to the ‘good old days’ of pen and paper, because then you are comfortable and confident?

What if there was a different possibility for you? What if using technology could be fun and joyful?

Join Dr Cathy and Davina in this online Playshop as they demystify the world of technology, making it easy for you to understand and enjoy.

The good news is that by participating in an on-line class, you are already on your way to getting technology to be your friend. The registration process is easy and is simply a matter of clicking on the link below.

About our presenters

Both Dr Cathy and Davina have many years of experience working with technology and helping others to understand and become comfortable with it.

Shh, don’t tell anyone, however they both like technology and find it fun. Does that make them Geeky? Who cares? If technology plays a part of your life would you not prefer to be enjoying yourself rather than spending your time miserable and cursing?

Like to know more? Then register for the introductory one and a half hour Playshop where you learn how you can start playing with technology

Time:​ 2.00 – 3.30 pm
When:​​8th February, 2014
Where:​Your computer or tablet
Investment:​Free – Your time
To Register: ​Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:
​ ​Please click this URL to start or join. ​Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 658 786 819

Join from dial-in phone line:
​ ​ Dial: +1 (424) 203-8450 or +1 (209) 255-1200
​​ Meeting ID: 658 786 819
​​ Participant ID: Shown after joining the meeting
​​ International numbers available:


If you have received a promotional business card from us with stickers on it, please keep it safe. When enough are in circulation, we will hold a random prize draw but you have to provide a photo of the card if you are the winner. Yes, this is meant to be upside down! Promotional business card

The first few posts in this blog will be a guidebook to help you plan or guide you along the way on your journey through the Sea of Technology. The sea is beautiful but it is not the natural environment of humans and dangers lurk for us if we are not on our guard. So too, with the Seas of Technology. Sharks lie in wait for the unprepared and those who swim at dusk. Storms build up suddenly, with high winds, thunder, lightning and driving rain. Occasionally , slick-looking pirates without their cutlass, eye patch or parrot and hence hard to recognise, roam. Rip currents can sweep you up and quickly take you where you don’t want to go. In this post, I will discuss each of these dangers and how to avoid them.

Storm building


Sharks in the Seas of Technology do  not have triangular fins. In fact, they are not fish at all, but humans whose behaviour is unethical and whose motivation is what is in it for them, profit at all cost. The good news is that there a simple defence against this species of shark. The following steps give excellent protection against them

1) Know exactly what you want before you buy. If you don’t know, research it until you are sure in your own mind that you do. Have a clear definition of what you need it to do  and make sure it does it.

2) Do not agree to anything unless you are sure, always compare prices and products

3) Resist any attempt to rush you if you have doubts

4) Check the reputation of sites and sellers before buying anything online. Follow your bank’s recommendations for keeping your credit card safe and consider having a prepaid card for online shopping or use Paypal.

5) If still unsure, go away and come back later. Talk to someone you trust .

6) Be very skeptical of unsolicited calls and email as there are a number of well known scams

7) Resist up-selling . You know what you want. Stick to it.

If you consistently do this, sharks should not harm you.


Storms cannot be prevented, nor can floods, bush fires, volcanoes or earthquakes. However, if you identify and prepare for the risks to your business, you will be well placed to cope with them. When purchasing technology, build resilience into your plans. Examples are buying an external drive for backup when you buy a laptop, and considering how you will charge a new phone  or tablet when on the road or if there is a lengthy interruption to power supply. In the wet season in Northern Australia, floods and cyclones have been known to cause power outages for a week or more. Thunderstorms are far more common but sudden, and frequently cause short power outages. Things to consider include

1) what if the power fails

Can I keep my business running? What would I need to do so? What about charging a mobile phone?

2) what if I have to evacuate my main place of business

Can I work from anywhere? Are the simple changes which would mean that I could (like backing files up to the cloud or to a portable drive).

For those in Brisbane, we may have major disruptions to access and transport this November with the G20 summit. We will keep you informed when we find out more about this.

3) what if there are transport disruptions

4) how to keep information secure e.g prevent theft

Keep up to date with security updates offered by your computer and device manufacturers and updates for specific software.

If there is an auto update function on your device, use it.

If it is recommended that you use antivirus or firewall software with your device, do so.

5) how to prevent accidental loss of information

Back up regularly and to more than one source! If you use a cloud provider, have a local backup as well.


The pirates on the Seas of Technology may be disguised heavily. Piracy often  involves making copies of music, movies or programs that you don’t have a right to make under the licence agreement and often on selling them or uploading them to certain web sites. Steer clear. Not only are you breaking the law and risking the consequences but such sites may be riddled with viruses and other harmful programs, known as malware and you have no access to technical support if anything goes wrong.

The other type of pirate will try to hijack your computer for their own ends, either by sneaking into it and stealing data, stealing your broadband quota or making your computer part of an underground network sending out spam and viruses. To keep them out, make sure you install all the updates recommended for your device by subscribing to its automatic update service e.g Windows update . If recommended for your type of device ….

Rip Currents

The rip currents of Excitement and Sales Pitch pop up everywhere that technology is sold. Do jot get carried out of your depth! It is good to be excited but make sure you leave the waters if you feel things are moving too fast for you or you are in too deep. There is ALWAYS time to research prices and products and to know what you want and why. Limited time offers should not pressure you – there will most likely be a better one tomorrow . Check the reputation of the seller if buying online.

We will continue our guidebook next week!

Swim between the flags!


Laptops on sale with large variety

Laptop choice

Welcome to the new Electronic Lighthouse Blog. Do you feel overwhelmed on your journey with technology? Can’t see through the fog? Becalmed but drifting aimlessly? Feel a little lost? We are here to guide you through the sometimes stormy or foggy seas. Over the next few weeks, we will focus on providing a guidebook for a journey on the Sea of Technology.

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