Picture this! It’s a warm winter afternoon near the beach. I am showing an adult student how to turn wifi on and off on her smart phone. We are in a lovely cafe near the water and health and safety/security officer Jazzy Doodie is under the table. She’s just sent a scrub turkey on his way and is watching a gaggle of school girls in uniform arrive. The photo shows her at a different time. The wifi network is open, so I have some misgivings. Being a dog, Jazzy Doodie isn’t very interested in  technology so she doesn’t comment. I tell the student not to do anything private such as banking and we go ahead. She opens her email. Jazzy Doodie gives a tiny growl at the kids who are staring at a phone and loudly giggling. Neither of us humans take much notice.  That’s what kids do. I wonder what bothered her as she’s a very friendly dog who rarely growls at anyone human. We finish the session . However the next day tbe student discovers her email has been hacked and a very obnoxious email sent in her name without her knowledge.  It appears the kids or someone else in tbe local area snooped out her password and took control of her email. The moral of the story – never use wifi networks that are completely open without a password. Be cautious on all publuc networks. And listen to your dog, they pick up on things we ignore. If you want to find out more about wifi security,  have a look here.  http://www.pcworld.com/article/2043095/heres-what-an-eavesdropper-sees-when-you-use-an-unsecured-wi-fi-hotspot.htmlShoodle asleep on the floor

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