Jacaranda tree with purple flowers

Jacaranda tree in flower

What do jacaranda trees mean for you? As a student, they struck fear into my heart as they meant exams were approaching rapidly. Now they mean, Spring, hot weather , and hopefully the beach and lots of swimming to come! They also signal the start of the storm season for South East Queensland. Are you ready? Maybe it is time to revisit the risks to your business.
I’ve talked before about technology and storms. How would you cope with a power interruption? What can you do to protect yourself? There are a few other things to consider. Storms can can have caused flash flooding and short term distruptions to rail, air and road transport. Could you cope if you were stuck away from your business location or at work and unable to get home? What if staff are stranded at work or can’t get to work? Are you responsible for the care of any animals? What do you need to do for them in the event of a storm?
Over the next few weeks we will talk about how to do a full risk analysis plan and make sure your business is prepared for storms and other extremes of an Australian summer.
Meanwhile, try to identify what disasters could impact your business and how likely and severe they are e.g storm, flood, epidemic, fire, traffic incident, earthquake, criminal act. Do not forget Telecommunications interruptions, which can be caused by a natural disaster or simple equipment failure!
For those in Brisbane, I’d guess storms, power related and other telco issues as well as traffic or criminal incidents including minor thefts, are the most likely.

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