Array of laptops on sale
It is school holidays and Christmas items are appearing in the shops!
Kids are everywhere and maybe you are already being prompted about technology gifts for Santa. Are you ready?

Here are some hints to help you cope.
1) Use the holidays to find out what the young people in your life expect from technology and what their caregivers want for them. For example, Miss Five might want an IPhone but mum might feel she isn’t ready. Don’t buy anything for a child still living at home unless the family are happy with it. If you are a parent, discuss is with your partner.
Non humans can also enjoy technology. Did you know there is an app for dogs to draw on IPad?
2) If youngsters are old enough, ask them to help with your technology questions and teach you games and activities they enjoy.
3) Have non technology related fun with them too. The weather is too nice to be indoors all the time!
3) Before purchasing anything, do your research on Google. This should include the nightmare test that I often talk about. Google the product name and the word nightmare. Also try problem to be extra sure . For example “Galaxy s6 nightmare ” or “IPhone 6 nightmare”

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