Have you recently bought a new TV? Finding it complex to set up? You are not alone.

I have just finished wrestling with the recording feature on my Mum’s new TV. It put up a fight but I emerged victorious. Thanks to Mr Google and my friends who were in my corner during the fight 🙂  It made me think though, I am a technology expert and trainer who gets frustrated if I can’t do something absolutely instantly! How would someone who was not comfortable with technology have coped with this set.

Modern TVs sometimes don’t come with a thick instruction manual written in garbled English. They normally just come with a page or two of “installation guide”.

So if you are setting one up here are some hints :

1) Tuning is the easy part, normally almost automatic

2) Most recent models have a recording feature so you may be able to do away with that pesky set top box.

3) If they require a USB drive, there may be size limits on the drive. Some TVs can’t cope with a drive over 2 TB and the one I had to deal with required a minimum of  40 GB.

4) Make sure the place you chose for the TV allows easy access to the port and somewhere to place the drive. It is a matter of luck in my case, as I didn’t realize I would need a large drive rather than a tiny “USB stick” at the time the wall bracket was put up. Not that many USB sticks would be big enough. I just happened to need my big one for something else and have an old spare external drive too small for a serious backup drive these days.

5) Be prepared to experiment with recording and playback. On this TV, you can’t see recorded files by browsing the USB Drive. You need to go into the Watch menu and select Recorded TV.

If you are having a fight with a TV or any other consumer technology at the moment and need a coach in your corner, let us know.

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