My phone has been filling up! I’ve also been using my data allowance playing music from You Tube that I already own on CD. Fortunately I have a phone which is expandable by inserting an SD  card . Check on Google if you aren’t sure if you do (IPhones and Samsung Galaxy S5 are not), most previous Samsung models and many other Android and Windows phones are.  I recently purchased such a card and have just finished loading music and shifting some applications and photos to this card. As they were only $18 AU for a 322 GB card on EBay, I have ended up by purchasing a spare for backup.  It was a simple matter to slip the card into the phone and then copy the music from my PC. What took a bit more investigation was how to actually shift functioning apps and my photo library.

The steps I followed were:

1) Shift apps

Go to Settings – Application Manager . For each application that I wanted to move to the SD card, touch the Move to SD card button

2) Ensure new photos are saved to the SD card. The first time I took a photo after inserting the card, my Camera app prompted me asking if I wanted to do so, and I just accepted this. I used the MyFiles app to verify that new photos were being saved to the SD card and a small SD card icon also appears when I use the camera.

3) Shift existing photos. First ensure that all existing photos are backed up to cloud storage if you wish to do so. Then go to the MyFiles app, locate the photos/videos (usually in a folder called DCIM/Camera) and move or copy the folder to the SD card by selecting it and then touching the menu icon (on my phone it looks like 3 dots but yours may differ). Select move or copy from this menu. Move is quicker but copy is safer as it leaves the original unchanged and you can then check the copy before going back to delete the old ones yourself.

There are many resources on YouTube and other phone blogs if you are looking for specific information about a particular phone or let me know if you need a hand dealing with this.



Phone storage settings

Phone storage settings

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