Mini PCs are an interesting concept, which I am hoping to soon explore hands on. Based on research and discussion with others, my first impressions are
– they are useful devices for applications that don’t need much computing power
– they are not good at doing more than one thing at once due to not having much main memory
– they are cheap, portable and useful in media centre type applications, such as viewing streaming videeo
– they do have USB and in some cases microUsb connections unlike some tablets
– those with microUsb connections can be used as an external drive connected to a conventional PC or laptop
For more information and some examples from PC World magazine have a look at this link
There are also some Intel branded options which are commonly available in Australia. Intel Nucs and the Intel Compute Stick are easy to obtain. Be aware that NUCs are often sold with no disk storage and memory and the user needs to complete them in these cases. If you don’t feel comfortable working on computers, negotiate a deal with a technician to do this. Some suppliers sell them ready configured.

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