Maybe the most valuable professional development activity in my government career was a leadership course. The main focus were Communication and motivation. Communication deserves a whole post to itself, so let’s focus today on a single sentence that can change everything.

What would it look like if I could? If you think something can’t be done , allow your mind to imagine and explore what it would be like if you did do it. Explore in detail. For example , if it is a marketing problem, define what it would mean to succeed like ” I want 10 people at my seminar”. This then translates to defining what the people are like, what media they consume and what your likely conversion rate is. You then know how many people you need to reach and likely ways to it. You might find a way. If you knw what the solution is and how it works, it is often easier to get there. Discuss and brainstorm it with trusted friends. See how the person who does this is likely to be ahead of the one who just complains not enough people are coming…
Interestingly writing this post helped me to apply it in my own business. When I first tried to market events, I quickly got overwhelm and felt a bit lost. But when I reasoned through it and tried to achieve the minimum number by word of mouth, I had a much more successful and fun experience.

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