More IPad settings
1) Airplane mode aka flight mode.
Originally designed to make it safe to use the device on an aircraft, this feature turns off all cellular and wifi connections. In effect, you are running the device with no connection to the internet. Battery use is much less in Airplane mode. Some times you might use it are if you want to use the device as an alarm clock, have a break from interruptions, are on an aircraft flight or are watching a movie or listening to music stored on the device or are writing a confidential document which you want to securely upload later.
2) Cellular data (not available on all tablets) .
This turns on/off the device’s ability to use the mobile phone network. If you are spending a lot of money on data use, this one is worth exploring. Some devices allow you to turn on and off data use for each individual application.
3) Wifi
This turns on/off the device’s ability to connect to wi-fi hotspots
Hint: be wary of connecting to open (with no password) hotspots. Everyone on these networks can see every device connected, so there is nothing to stop someone spying on you. Once you have entered the details for a hotspot, your device will remember it so you can connect again next time you are near it.
4) Personal Hotspot aka Portable Wireless Hotspot
This enables you to set up your own WiFi access point to which other devices can connect. Always set a password and beware it will use your data allowance.
5) Bluetooth
Most frequently used for connecting devices like handsfree headsets and physical keyboards. This is very useful but turn it off when you are not using it as it can allow other people to connect to your device and it increases battery use. Bluetooth does not use cellular data – like WiFi it is a local communication method which only works over a short range.
6) Display and Brightness
This is where to go if you are having trouble reading your device in certain lighting conditions or if you are having trouble with batteries. A bright screen is a huge user of battery so unless you are having concerns with reading the screen, it is best to set this to auto – brightness. The device usually makes a good choice. If you know you are going to be somewhere glary, you can set it to a brighter setting and then change it back when you leave that environment.

7) Location Services (on Apple devices this is located under Privacy – Location Services )
This controls the GPS capability of your device. If you don’t like the idea of it knowing where you are, you can turn it off. You can also control which apps use it. Note that while it doesn’t use much cellular data, it is a very heavy user of battery so best to turn it on only when you think you are likely to want use a navigation app or similar.

8) Sounds
This is where you customise ring tones and alert tones. . You can turn the volume of these sounds up or down and customise them.

Useful device hint : Sometimes applications remain open on your device when you aren’t using them.
On an Apple device running IOS 7 or later – double tap the home button. Look through the list of open apps that appears and swipe upwards on any you want to close. This will immediately close them.
On an Android device (Nexus, Samsung, HTC and others)
Launch the recent applications menu. (Different on different devices)
Tap and hold the application and swipe it to the right to close.
Apple IPad settings

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