Galaxy s5
Are you having issues with the sound quality on videos and podcasts that you record from your phone? Just buy an external mic compatible with your phone. This can be resolved much more easily and cheaply than you think. I’ve actually been told by several consumer electronics stores that no such device exists but being a stubborn software engineer, I hunted one down. I now own a Rode mic which travels everywhere with me and can make videos on the fly without others finding them hard to hear. This is what I chose (Rode SmartLAV+)
(because it was on special) Other brands and types may be better value at other times so check up but make sure that it is compatible with your phone. Most phones require a TRS connector. That’s the one with the three rings on. For more on connectors, look here
Once you have one with the right connector, it will usually work with most phones. I’ve tested mine with an Android Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. The two videos above are an illustration of the benefit. Note that 2 is much clearer, while 1 is fuzzy. That’s the difference!

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