Rainbow tech accessories
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the rainbow array of technology products and accessories you are offerred? I’ve been trying to find you for ages so I can help you make sense of it all. But because you don’t hang out much online, I just didn’t know how.

I credit my roomful of mentors in my Podpora group for helping me to find this target market. I was quite stuck and they suggested volunteering to give some talks to connect. I’m now teaching a course at University of The Third Age and meeting wonderful people who are teaching me so much. Connecting with my class has cleared my mental blocks and shown me the gaps in my preparation so expect new tailored products and services soon. Plus the class is fun and in a lovely location – Sippy Downs. A kangaroo watched part of my first session yesterday.

So thanks to my class and to my Pod! Exciting possibilities are opening up.

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