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This photo isn’t confidential and the person depicted is not under eighteen years old 🙂 As it is the author, I give myself consent to use it 🙂
However what if you were a new parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent and you wanted to share photos of the new arrival with your family only. How would you do it?
What if you are running a business, and you want to create a social media community that only paid subscribers can use?
Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to do this.
1) Closed or secret Facebook groups
You can create a group to which only an administrator can add new members. Your family or your clients can be the only members.
2) If the files are not large, the old – fashioned solutions of email and MMS (the multimedia version of SMS) could work
3) Post to Facebook but with tight security settings. When you do a Facebook post, you can make it public, or allow only friends of friends, or direct friends to see it.
4) Load to YouTube but keep the location private so that it can be seen only by those to whom you send the link
5) Create a cloud storage account e.g Drive, Dropbox. Files on that account will only be accessible to those to who can either directly access your devices, or to whom you give the password or a link to to a specific file or folder.
None of these methods are guaranteed to be 100% secure. If you need to share extremely confidential data such as client medical records, then contact an Information technology professional for advice on a more secure solution. A military grade solution such as encryption may be required in such cases. However, if you just want to control who sees your family holiday snaps or hold a private discussion with your clients, the tips shown here may be what you need.
Final tip : if you take photos of anyone in a business context, get their consent to use them.

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