office and studio

Show Pony office and studio

When I worked in Queensland Transport, I used to walk home from the bus along Park Avenue at Clayfield. There was a lovely pony grazing beside the creek but after the Hendra virus scare he disappeared and I feared something bad had happened. Anyway I grew up and started a business. Recently Hannah from Show Pony was showing me around a gorgeous meeting venue at Clayfield and told me she was friends with the Kalinga pony’s owner and he’s well and just moved out to the country.

Why was I looking at a venue? Because I have joined the Podpora Network and want to establish Pods in inner northern Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Podpora is a new concept in business support, where a small group of business owners meet regularly to have fun, celebrate success, brainstorm and learn. I strongly believe in the concept. It has helped me to see past blockages and led me to clarity and new ways of connecting with my target audience. I’ve seen it make a huge difference to fellow members too. For example, one person gained the confidence to start teaching the workshops she had long dreamed of conducting.

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