This is an excellent read for anyone who is in business, thinking of going into business or in a sales role. Highly recommended.

This is a modern day fable about networking and developing your business. Oscar is a wise ancient soul who has been granted immunity from aging in return for devoting himself to mentoring others and who may or may not be real.

Tyler is a struggling sales rep who wants to go into a network marketing business. What happens when the two get together contains lessons for us all.
Its packed with important lessons on networking. Some of the key ones for me :

1) Networking is like gardening, not like hunting. Do it in service of others, not to sell. Sales will follow when you develop the right connections. Help others connect.
2) Look for introductions. Work out your golden egg (ideal client), goose (where they hang out) , granny goose ( association or group where your geese belong)
3) Look for opportunities to make an event better. Help those who are struggling or alone
4) Make notes and follow up on meetings. Thank people with a card.

This book is definitely worth a read..and if you do, I would love to know what you think and what you found most helpful.

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