Cyclone Marcia with her Brady Bunch name and her disinclination to do what she was forecast to do, caught many by surprise. Even the weather Severe weather forecasters did not expect her to become a Category Five, the strongest possible.
Then I don’t believe Marcia ever did things by halves 🙂

Were you affected? Is there anything you would do differently?

One thing I’ve found really helpful is to have a plan with trigger points.

For example, if there is a flood watch for the Brisbane River , I will contact key people near the river to discuss their plans. At the beginning of the wet season, I will stock up on batteries and non perishables. When there is a storm or severe weather warning for my area, I will make sure all gadgets are charged if there is time, including phone backup chargers. I will ensure loose items outdoors are secured. When I hear thunder, I will unplug nonessential electrical gear. I must admit to not always doing the last one if thunder is distant and radar doesn’t indicate the storm is heading in my direction.

What are your actions and trigger points? Is this something you would like to brainstorm with others? I found it super helpful to talk to a friend about it. Thinking of suggesting it as a topic for my next Podpora group but that’s another story.

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