Can you think of any strange alliances in nature? Have you lived with a loyal dog?
Many creatures can only exist as part of a social structure and humans are not very different. We belong to families, churches, clubs or gyms.
Sometimes when we go into business for ourselves, we find it hard to replace the social contact with our workmates that we took for granted.
We might find support from an unlikely source. My advice to you is, try attending a few groups and join the ones that feel right to you.
My personal favourite is Podpora and as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m bringing this to the Sunshine Coast shortly. Podpora is a unique support group for entrepreneurs where group mentors solve problems, celebrate successes and mentor each other. I’ve seen real, timely results achieved in a Brisbane group and the group has lead and inspired me to some of my successes already. If you would like to find out more, see
On a lighter note, here are some unlikely but cute animal friends to brighten your day.

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