Storm building

The summer storm season is almost over in the South East of Queensland. However, storms have long been used in writing as a metaphor for describing any turbulent or troubled time. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the nature of running a small business. One person can feel they have to do everything. You can feel alone. We have talked many times about how to prepare for literal storms. Now how about the metaphorical ones. It is worth planning to cope with these too!
What storms are you facing? What have you done to prepare and cope?
Who will stand by you in any storms you encounter?

Stormy or fair, you feel isloted as a small business person? Do you wish there was a tribe or community of likeminded people with whom you could discuss, learn, brainstorm and share?
Well there is! I will be blogging more about the Podpora concept which I have recently discovered and which meets my needs for this type of community.


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