Being alone is not the same as being a solo business owner. I am an extravert and almost hesitated to start a business because I didn’t think I could stand the isolation of going out on my own, working from home or not. However, I have joined some wonderful groups, made heaps of new friends and am less isolated than ever. The moral of the story address your concerns and don’t let them stop you. Second moral, networking isn’t all about your next sale. Its about building a support network for each other.

It is important to make sure networking, masterminding and business support groups you join are the right ones FOR YOU and deliver value for money FOR YOU.
There are many groups around and they will suit different businesses and different owners. I recommend you try a few and find one or more that “click ” for you.
My favourite is Podpora
I have joined this group in Brisbane and am so excited about it that I plan to become a facilitator and bring it to the Sunshine Coast as well.

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