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There comes a time when the simple solutions you used as a start up on your kitchen table or in your garage no longer provide what you need. Growth can cause headaches but “growing pains” can be reduced by planning for expansion from the beginning.
Here are the top four signs you may need to reexamine your business technology.

1. Running out of space
It may be your cloud storage or external hard drive or it may be the drive in a device but if storage is tight, it might be time to reexamine your backup procedures and devices. This is something that should be reviewed often as it is so important in any case. Think of it as similar to checking your smoke alarm.
2. Limited capabilities of free software
If the limits of a package like Skype that you used before you went into business are “bugging” you, it is time to dig deeper into your software needs. Time to upgrade it? Or does something else meet your new needs better? Some business software has.multi user or more secure features. Are you ready to benefit from these?
3 Unhappy accountant or overwhelming paperwork

Are you spending ages dealing with invoices and handing your accountants a shoebox of receipts that has them pullling their hair out or charging like roaring bulls? Maybe it is time to move to a cloud based accounting solution or hire a bookkeeper or both.
4. Tired of the Compromises Imposed by Consumer Grade Hardware
Computer or laptop suffering “out of warrenty syndrome ” and not lasting as long as you expect ? Have to send a device away interstate or wait for parts if something goes wrong. If you have enough devices that you can do without for a time, that’s ok. Bear in mind though, if you are running a business, you need business grade technology, this means computers that are build from quality components and a company which provides reliable and timely support should something go wrong.
A business can reasonably expect next business day, on site support for computers. This will cost more than the cheap PC or laptop you buy for the kids at a local store but think of the costs of jot having support should you need it. Would you still be able to continue doing business?

We have experienced two of these, chosen to sidestep one and are watching for signs of the remaining one. How about you?
Can you think of any other signs you need to review your business technology? Do you need help doing so? If so, contact us below for a chat.

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