Large organisations spend a lot of money on IT security and on business continuity planning. These are both really important issues for you too. It is important to keep your computers secure by updating software and changing passwords regularly. If you use a cloud service, make sure you know their security policy and are satisfied they do enough to keep the type of information you store with them safe. If in doubt, set a password on confidential files stored in the cloud.

Business continuity planning is to do with identifying what could interrupt your business and how you could mitigate it. The most common risk is power and internet failure. In the South East Queensland region, bush fires, droughts, floods , hail storms and cyclones – yes, they can come south of Bundaberg – have all occurred during my lifetime. Cyclones are , of course, a bigger threat further north. Severe storms are the most common natural disaster in the Brisbane area. No matter how small your business, have a plan. What about criminal or terrorist acts?
What if you need to evacuate? What if you lose power? How do you keep staff informed? Can you build resiliance into your business?

It’s time to think and plan. For those of you in the South East of Queensland, storm season is here. Jacarandas are starting to flower, which herald summer, exams and storms. We will post more on thus in future. Severe weather Note that this weather map is a historical example only, not a current forecast.

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