Today begins a series on less known but useful phone apps for business . If you want to be able to control lights or displays at your business remotely, read on.
What is it?
The app doesn’t do much on its own, requiring a compatible device. My testing was done with a WeMo switch, which is similar in size and appearance to the timers that we all remember from holidays as kids. It’s much easier to use though and if you have forgotten to set the time or aren’t happy with it, you can alter it while on holidays. It can be used for any device that plugs into a standard indoor power point. The one I tested is not weatherproof so unfortunately not suitable for swimming pool filtered and such things.
Who is it for?
Anyone who is going away or who wants to control security lighting after hours, for example. It’s easy to use and we tested it with IPhone and an Android phone. It can often be purchased on special from major consumer electronics stores for around $60. WiMo switch

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