In information technology research, there is a field called “interoperability”. Its all about making databases, devices and organisations that are different able to communicate and exchange information effectively. There are standards (e.g XML, Meta-Object-Facility), programming languages and techniques, translations tables and so on.
But none of this can help unless you have an understanding of who you need to communicate with and how they want to receive the information. It’s not much use sending a MMS message to a technophobic client with an old fashioned phone that can’t open it. It’s worth thinking about how your business could communicate better and what technology could help in doing this. Sometimes a simple solution like an email or SMS message can be the answer. Also, do you have multiple devices and have trouble with them working together? If so, it is worth thinking how you would like them to work and then looking at how it can be done. We have technologies that can help but they help best when you know the business aim you want to achieve.

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