My desktop is faster than my Laptop, why is this so?
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I’ve been using a laptop and desktop which have “the same” i7 processor but the desktop performs so much better. How can this be?
For a start, they are both i7 processors but they aren’t the same. Without opening either of them up, the following are likely explanations.
– as the laptop is much older, it will probably not have a 4th generation processor. The recently purchased desktop definitely has a 4 th generation i7 processor. The newer processors are faster, to the extent that a 4th Generation i5 may be faster than an older i7.
– mobile processors are optimised for power saving rather than speed, so tend to be a bit slower
– mobile processors slow down when running on battery to conserve power.
What should I do?
Unless you are buying a new computer, probably nothing.
If you are buying a new computer, make sure you chose one which meets your needs. A cheap laptop or an old one may struggle with tasks like video editing. For more on Intel processors, have a look here.,2817,2404674,00.asp

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