What is it?  Logitech c920 web cam

A high quality web cam which has the following – good quality sound recording – HD video – wide field of view so if, for example, up to three people gather at a workstation, they can all join in. Mine is a Logitech C920 but this is not advertisement and others may also do the same job. When picking one it is important to make sure it has all the features you want and picture and sound quality are up to scratch. Check reviews online if you haven’t seen it in action. I can say that I have used it for still photos and training videos with audio as well as on Skype calls and have found it excellent. I am using a photo taken with it on my Skype profile.

It can be purchased in local shops for under $140. Watch out for special deals as there are currently some around for $83 or less from reputable suppliers.

How does it help? 

Webcams are often popularly associated with adult entertainment or Skype calls to family. This is a view of their capabilities which is too limited. They are also a serious business tool.

Some ways they are useful include

– making promotional videos

– making training materials for clients or staff

– taking still pictures for social media profiles

– video conferences with clients. This can be done with simple software such as Skype

Can you think of others? Please let me know if you have found a web cam useful in your business.

2 Responses to A Surprising Business Tool

  • Thank you for sharing this information on webcams… I have learnt a lot.

    one question: Do they have mounts or something to be able to attach to the top of your computer?

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