Is your mobile phone an essential part of your business? Often you don’t realise how much you need technology until something goes wrong.
I recently had an issue with my smart phone and I would like to share my three top tips for surviving phone breakdown.
Keep an old phone
I had a very old Nokia stored away and while it doesn’t do social media or internet, at least I could make and receive calls and SMS .
If you upgrade a working phone, consider keeping it as a backup.
Back everything up
I had used Google to back up my phone contents, including apps which saved me a lot of stress when resetting my phone and then reinstalling apps. My problem was a faulty part but I chose to Restore to Factory Default as I had also been fiddling with the software and compounded issues. Also, if you want to ensure no-one can look through confidential business info while servicing it, this is the way to go. Most phones have an option on the settings menu. Here is a useful guide for Android users.
Apple users should consider using iCloud.
Know where to take it
Is it covered by warranty? Will it have to be sent away and take a long time? Mine was a grey area, may have been covered but would have taken a month so in the end I opted for a same day repair for $100 from a local shop.

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