Those who follow me on social media will know that my Nexus has been in for repairs. That’s a story for another day and fortunately has a happy ending. As a result though, I was among the first people to look at the newly released Galaxy S5 when they arrived yesterday. My first impressions were
1) it has a lovely screen, clear and easy to read.
2) the overseas reviews were accurate about new features – dust and water resistant, improved battery life, Heart rate monitor
3) it feels larger to hold and my impression was that it was the offspring of an s4 and a Note 🙂 Pick one up to see if you like the feel before you buy.
Should I buy one? I’d say,only if you are looking for a new phone now. I wouldn’t judge it as worth upgrading a working S4 but if you are off contract or have an older phone, this is definitely one worth a look. It’s a very powerful phone in an attractive, neat package and is 4G compatible . As usual with Samsung, the SAR value is low, which is an advantage if you are concerned about radiation. This article gives a great summary of the differences between S4 and S4 as sold in Australia.

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